Chauffers drive company and private vehicles to transport passengers to their desired locations. They should have a strong driving record and a very professional demeanour when dealing with passengers. Chauffers are considered as specialist drivers and should show higher knowledge and desire to serve individualised client needs.

Duties and tasks

  • Assist passengers with their luggage and personal belongings; open and close car doors for passengers
  • Identify shortest/alternate driving routes and traffic patterns
  • Maintain interior and exterior of vehicle
  • Must maintain strong professionalism in appearance and dealings with passengers
  • Pick up clients at various locations and keep track of scheduled passengers through mobile systems to ensure punctuality
  • Process payments for services
  • Strong knowledge of local environment to assist in meeting clients needs
  • Willingness to provide information and fulfil special requests made by clients

Skills required

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Good Driving Record
  • Professionalism
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Time Management and Punctuality

Working conditions

Chauffeurs are required to spend significant amounts of time within a vehicle, driving clients to and from their desired destinations. They may be required to await their clients return for several hours at a certain location and be ready to pick up a client with short notice. A Chauffers schedule may vary from week to week depending on the needs of clients and scheduled services.

Professional associations / Industry information

Service Skills Australia

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