Tellers are versed with the task of making banking simpler for the general public through the handling of deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in a banking institution. Tellers work with the general public on the day to day basis as front line workers at a bank.

Duties and tasks

  • Accepting bill payments and debiting the appropriate accounts as needed for customers
  • Handling and counting money as needed for transactions
  • Providing change or exact amounts related to banking needs
  • Typing computer entries into a larger database to track all transactions
  • Verifying identification and credentials of those who wish to make some form of monetary transaction
  • Working with customers or perspective customers to meet banking needs

Skills required

  • Computer skills are necessary for accessing, crediting, and debiting appropriate accounts
  • Organisational skills are necessary to keep track of small and large amounts of money
  • Salesmanship abilities are needed to entice new customers into using the bank in which one works
  • Social skills are a must when working with the general public
  • Strong numerological skills are necessary for counting money and making change quickly

Working conditions

Tellers work banker hours, which are typically 9-5 with shorter hours on weekends, on occasion. Banks are not typically open on any holidays so days off are often plentiful. Extreme weather may cause banks to close, but it is unlikely and effects only travel conditions as a teller will work indoors.

Professional associations / Industry information

The Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia) Australasias premier membership organisation for the financial services industry

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