Also known as a Patissier, a Pastrycook specialises in creating sweet treats for breakfast or as desserts. They work with various types of kitchen appliances to prepared pies, cakes, cookies etc. Some (head) pastry cooks have more responsibilities in the kitchen as well.

Duties and tasks

  • Create a pastry budget and work with vendors to obtain the best deals for ingredients
  • Create quality cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, etc.
  • Plan menus, clean the kitchen, stock materials
  • Some pastry cooks have supervisory responsibilities
  • Work with appliances such as electric mixers and ovens to combine ingredients, blend color, and shape dough

Skills required

  • Excellent communication skills with fellow workers/manager(s)
  • Must be creative and exercise great attention to detail
  • Must have the ability to multi-task and work quickly with ones hands
  • Should have great customer services skills
  • There are no registration or licensing requirements for pastry cooks

Working conditions

Pastry Cooks work in bakeries, cafes, or large restaurants. They usually are required to stand for long hours and are often at risk for contracting burns, etc. from handling materials incorrectly. Pastry cook work shifts start as early as 3:00 a.m., but creativity is encouraged in this environment.

Professional associations / Industry information

AgriFood Skills Australia
Baking Association of Australia
National Baking Industry Association

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