Telemarketers spend hours on end acting as salespeople for the parent company. The goal is to promote goods, set up sales calls, and ultimately sell products for the larger company.

Duties and tasks

  • Complete follow-ups with current or possible clients to finalise deals
  • Contact potential clients to discuss supply options
  • Create a general interest about provided services or good through telephone or personal contact
  • Create and submit reports about success or lack of in selling the given products or services
  • Maintain records of those potential and current clients who have or need to be contacted

Skills required

  • Ability to locate and contact potential clients over time
  • Ability to read smoothly from a script as most calls are made using this format
  • Communication skills to speak clearly and appropriately to those on the call list
  • Organisational skills to maintain call records, sales records, and client lists
  • People skills to appropriately sell products or services in person or over the phone

Working conditions

Telemarketers are most likely to work in call centres, though some now work from home through a dedicated sales line. Hours will vary depending on the scope of the host company in that if the company sales outside the time zone, positions may be available during day and night hours. While weekends may be considered workable for many companies, holidays are generally taken as leisure days.

Professional associations / Industry information

The ATA (formerly known as the Australian Teleservices Association) The peak national body for the Contact Centre industry servicing the interests of businesses and employees working in the Contact Centre industry in Australia

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