Technical Sales Representative

Technical Sales Representatives are versed in the task of salesmanship. Products such as medical supplies, pharmaceutical goods, and industrial machinery must be sold to those who use the equipment as part of business. Meeting people and selling products is the ultimate goal of the technical sales representative.

Duties and tasks

  • Communicating effectively with potential clients, current clients, and supervisors
  • Creating a client list based on the type of goods for sale
  • Meeting any sales quotas laid forth by a parent company
  • Monitoring fellow companies and products as comparison for pricing and attributes of good
  • Researching companies using databases and other forms of knowledge for perspective clients

Skills required

  • Communication skills must be strong for this type of work
  • Organisational skills are needed to arrange for coordination of delivery, installation, and training on different products
  • Salesmanship skills are needed
  • The ability to use databases, phone directories, and other sources of information to locate companies that may be in need of products
  • Use of technology to maintain records, create sales reports, and monitor competitors or customer needs

Working conditions

Technical Sales Representatives are not likely to spend much time in an office; instead, they travel to different businesses to sell goods and products. This could mean visiting doctors and hospitals, office buildings, or construction sites in various weathers and conditions. Hours revolve around appointments set for meeting with purchasing agents and the parent company in charge of production.

Professional associations / Industry information

ARA Retail Institute
Australian Computing Society
Guild Pharmacy Academy
National Retail Association
Technology Industry Association

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