Sales Demonstrator and Model

A Sales Demonstrator or Model is expected to wear different articles of clothing or pose next to various consumer items. Often, sales demonstrators will work in stores and businesses to demonstrate how a good works or looks when being used. This career may involve traveling to various locations for photo shoots or demonstrations.

Duties and tasks

  • Demonstrating goods and services to potential customers
  • Giving away literature and answering basic questions
  • Posing as a subject for a painter or other artists
  • Posing for advertisements including magazine, billboard ads, catalogues, television commercials and other media advertisements
  • Taking orders for goods and services
  • Working to set up displays

Skills required

  • Ability to convert customer into buyers
  • Accurately conveying details to other individuals
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interest in assisting other people
  • Outstanding customer service skills and sales techniques

Working conditions

Working conditions can vary a good deal due to the diverse nature of the work. Since sales demonstrators and models can work in many different locations, it is possible that they can work anywhere from a remote filming or shooting location for an advertisement to inside a department store or even an artists studio. Overall, time spent behind a desk is usually very limited, as most of the work of a model or a sales demonstrator is spent interacting with prospective consumers.

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