Sales Assistant (General)

Sales Assistants are employed in virtually every aspect of every industry and are essential for selling goods and services between parties. The core of their job is to assist customers and clients in the process of finding the goods and services that they need.

Duties and tasks

  • Assisting customers with arranging or making payments
  • Determining what other needs a customer may have
  • Directing customers to other customer service representatives
  • Giving customers information regarding goods and services
  • Helping customers find the products, goods and services that they require
  • Listening closely to customers needs in order to facilitate sales

Skills required

  • Ability to convert customer into buyers
  • Accurately conveying details to other individuals
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interest in assisting other people
  • Outstanding customer service skills and sales techniques

Working conditions

Since Sales Assistants are employed in every industry, therefore the working conditions that sales assistants may experience can differ quiet drastically. However, for the vast majority of sales assistants, the average workday is spent indoors in an office and usually working behind a desk. Sales assistants who work in certain industries, such as the auto industry, will spend more time outdoors. The hours that sales assistants may work can also differ greatly depending on the job and industry. Some sales assistants work longer than the typical 40-hour workweek, and during the holiday season at the end of the year, sales assistants may need to work extended hours.

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