Sales Agents (Real Estate)

Real estate Sales Agents are responsible for the selling of a range of properties, including homes, commercial property, land and more. Real estate sales agents also handle leasing arrangements on properties.

Duties and tasks

  • Advising buyers as to which properties are a good fit for them and a good value
  • Collecting rent monies from tenants and holding this money for their clients
  • Listing and keeping track of properties for sale or lease
  • Offering valuations on property and advising their clients
  • Working with real estate buyers to assess their needs and help the find the right properties

Skills required

  • Ability to solve differences and unite people
  • Accurately conveying details to other individuals
  • Attention to Detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Reacting to others actions and changing actions accordingly

Working conditions

Real Estate Agents often split their workdays between the office and working with clients showing them properties outside of the office. They can work in both large offices and small offices with many being employed with national organisations. A good deal of a real estate agents day can be spent traveling between locations to meet with clients. Many in this profession work for more a 40-hour workweek and may find that they are required to work unusual hours and weekends.

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