Powder Monkey

Powder Monkeys plan, set and detonate explosives to help to extract minerals from the ground and bulldoze areas or structures. It is vital that they perform all safety precautions while on the job and ensure the safety of those around them.

Duties and tasks

  • Collaborate with other mining and construction professionals to clear areas and implement safety measures prior to detonation
  • Detonate explosives after all precautionary measures have been completed and all persons are out of danger zones
  • Evaluate destruction or explosive site and determine optimal setting for detonating explosives in bore holes or demolition sites
  • Plan and situate explosives and wire fuses to detonators and explosive cartridges
  • Practice all precautionary safety measures prior to detonating explosives and understand emergency safety plans
  • Ready explosives with detonators and cartridges and connect wires, fuses and detonating cords
  • Record operational procedures associated with detonating explosives and demolishing buildings, perceiving results of specific explosive settings and surroundings

Skills required

  • Adhere to Health and Safety Regulations
  • Analytical
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Strong Attention to Details

Working conditions

Powder Monkeys typically work Mondays to Fridays or whenever a demolition or explosive detonation is scheduled. They work in outdoor environments by mines, drilling locations or destruction sites and must wear protective gear when detonating explosives.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Drilling Industry Association
Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC)

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