Gas Plant Operator

Gas Plant Operators perform a variety of tasks related to the successful operation of gas plants. There are close links between the work of gas plant operators and the work of chemical, petroleum, and power plant operators.

Duties and tasks

  • Analysing samples of natural gas
  • Controlling and manipulating equipment to process natural gas and petroleum
  • Monitoring equipment for proper functioning and ordering appropriate courses of action in the case of a malfunction
  • Preparing, measuring, and feeding raw material to appropriate machinery
  • Recording the results of readings and other data
  • Writing and polishing reports on the operation of gas plants and facilities

Skills required

  • Ability to manipulate and control dials, switches, and gauges
  • Keen judgment and decision-making abilities
  • Oral and written communications skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Working knowledge of the basics of chemistry and physics

Working conditions

Gas Plant Operators work in gas or petroleum plants or factories. Facilities are often large in scale and may require constant vigilance and monitoring to ensure proper safety.

Professional associations / Industry information

Manufacturing Skills Australia
The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Ltd (APPEA)

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