Crane, Hoist and Lift Operator

Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators operate heavy equipment that may be stationary or mobile. They move and deliver large objects using cranes, lifts, hoists and wenches to a variety of places including mines, factories, construction sites, shipyards, mills and wherever the object needs to be placed. Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators must use great care and caution while moving products with this massive machinery.

Duties and tasks

  • Control load movement and speed
  • Ensure that the equipment is working correctly before use
  • Maintain ropes and winches
  • Monitor all gauges and instruments for safety
  • Operate all controls
  • Operate crane attachments
  • Work closely with riggers and chasers
  • Work in conjunction with other operators

Skills required

  • Ability to follow directions and work well with others
  • Ability to operate and control equipment
  • Capable of monitoring several gauges at once
  • Good analytical thinking skills Impeccable attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Knowledge of safe heavy equipment operation
  • Understanding of safety issues involved with heavy equipment operation

Working conditions

Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators work in all types of weather conditions, which include blistering heat and chilling cold. They must be able to tolerate such conditions. Operators rarely need to deal directly with clients, however if the project is running late, they do have to answer to operations managers so there is a small risk for stress in this position.

Professional associations / Industry information

Civil Contractors Federation
Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council
IFAP (Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention)
Safe Work (SA)
Safe Work (WA)
WorkCover NSW

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