Vehicle Body Builder and Trimmer

Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers assemble, construct and repair parts for vehicle bodies, production units and interior trims. They should have strong attention to detail abilities and be familiar with working components and details in automobiles and operate at high standards.

Duties and tasks

  • Construct trim in interior of vehicles including floor covering, framework lining, armrests, etc.
  • Mould, cut and shape aluminium, sheet metal and strengthened plastic panels and connect to framework.
  • Nail, bolt, screw and solder individual parts of vehicles and weld components together.
  • Position and fasten door trims, rubber seals, locks and handles to vehicle components.
  • Select, cut and sew interior fabric materials together using industrial sewing machines.
  • Use a variety of shaping, cutting and welding tools and equipment to build framework for metal, wood and fibreglass sections.
  • Use drawings and blueprints to create trim work for new vehicles, taking out previous coverings and meeting specifications.

Skills required

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Manual Agility
  • Precision
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Strong Attention to Detail

Working conditions

Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers typically work Mondays to Fridays, but may be required to work evenings or weekends in order to finish large orders on time. They usually work in automobile production sites and factories, manually constructing framework and individual components in vehicles.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Motor Industry Federation
Motor Trade Association of Western Australia
Motor Traders Association of NSW
Motor Trades Association ACT
Motor Trades Association of Queensland

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