Product Assembler

Product Assemblers, or those who work in the field of production assembly, assemble products on a particular part of product line (as assigned) until the product is complete. They work with a large group of individuals on the line, but their work can be extremely repetitive, and many must stand or sit for long hours.

Duties and tasks

  • Assemble products quickly and accurately
  • May assemble small or large products on a repetitive basis
  • Meet production goals as set by management on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Use glue, staplers, or other adhesives as necessary to assemble the product
  • Work with others to produce a complete product by assembling a particular part on a supplied section of an assembly line

Skills required

  • Ability to sit or stand for long hours as necessary
  • Ability to work with small pieces/parts
  • Manual dexterity skills are key
  • Must be able to meet production goals set by management
  • No formal education is required beyond a high school diploma

Working conditions

Product Assemblers often work in factories and workshops, where conditions can be dirty and noisy. They may spend long periods of time standing or sitting in the same positions. Individuals working in product assembly often do shift work, which may include some weekends or working the night shift.

Professional associations / Industry information

Manufacturing Skills Australia

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