Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Machine Operator

Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Machine Operators create a wide variety of products that consumers, businesses and government agencies use on a daily basis. From building bridges to creating roadway dividers and industrial sinks, clay, concrete, glass and stone machine operators are always necessary for the development of our society.

Duties and tasks

  • Adjust valves to control flow for specifications
  • Collect and analyze product samples for stability and specifications
  • Create correct edges for uniformity to specifications
  • Create products through extrusion, moulding, shaping and other intricate processes
  • Install and set up moulds, machinery and fixtures
  • Monitor the raw material flow into the appropriate machinery
  • Monitoring gauges and indicators to ensure proper operation of equipment
  • Operate heavy machinery such as concrete mixer stackers and splitters
  • Prepare and position material to be cut by machines
  • Use hand tools for finishing work
  • Use moulds for glass production

Skills required

  • Ability to adjust machinery controls according to specifications
  • Ability to measure accurately
  • Attention to detail
  • Good math skills
  • Keen eye to monitor machinery gauges
  • Knowledge of extrusion, shaping, cutting and grinding techniques
  • Proper communication skills
  • Steady hand for finishing work
  • Understanding of deadlines

Working conditions

For the most part, Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Machine Operators work in industrial plants or out at job sites. The machinery can be quite loud and ear protection is indicated. Dust from cutting the materials can aggravate breathing issues.

Professional associations / Industry information

Manufacturing Skills Australia

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