Network Professionals (ICT)

ICT Network Professionals develop, evaluate and maintain ICT network architecture, hardware and software, as well as optimising network performance and providing customer service support for users. They should have technical knowledge of ICT networks, programmes and equipment and strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse ICT network operating systems, equipment and software to make improvements and implement upgrades in networks, software applications and servers
  • Develop maintenance instructions, network procedures and inventory, and record network problems and actions performed on them such as analysis and adjustments made
  • Ensure that networks operate at optimum levels by monitoring and analysing infrastructure
  • Provide technical assistance to users with malfunctions and troubleshoot network problems and errors
  • Scrutinise and propose complex network systems and structural design specifications and data prototypes for integrating and configuring into computer systems
  • Set up network programs and systems required by specific business customers
  • Supervise and monitor traffic and activity on networks and verify that the network is not compromised and performing at optimal levels, making modifications as needed

Skills required

  • Coordination Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Organisational
  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Skills

Working conditions

ICT Network Professionals typically work Mondays to Fridays during regular business hours, but may need to work evenings or weekends in order to install or implement upgrades on networks or hardware, and in the case of network failures or emergencies. They work in office environments with a variety of ICT systems and equipment.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Computer Society

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