Telecommunications Technician

Ensure that communications equipment is installed and maintained properly.

When repairs are needed, they must be able to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix problems with equipment, cables, aerial lines and appliances. Telecommunications Technicians are essential to the way that we live today and will in the future.

Duties and tasks

  • Deal with customers
  • Install interior equipment for communications
  • Install lines underground and in the air
  • Run wires and cables from main lines to appliances
  • Troubleshoot faults and damages in equipment using a variety of technical equipment
  • Work according to specifications of drawings and blueprints

Skills required

  • Ability to communicate problems to the customer
  • Ability to read and understand sketches and blueprints
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Physically able to climb ladders and dig underground
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Understanding of ohmmeters, voltmeters and ammeters as well as other technical tools

Working conditions

Telecommunications Technicians must perform their duties in all kinds of adverse weather conditions such as heat, cold, freezing rain, snow and wind. They must also deal with upset customers at times and handle the uncomfortable situation in a professional manner. These workers must adhere to strict time constraints.

Professional associations

Australian Cabler Registration Service
Australian Computer Society
BICSI Registered Cablers Australia
The Electrical, Utilities and Public Administration Training Council Inc
The Technology Industry Association

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