Technician (Medical)

Medical Technicians are often the hands-on caregivers of patients in medical offices or hospitals. These individuals operate different medical equipment necessary for basic care and lifesaving operations.

Duties and tasks

  • Assist in basic or complex medical procedures as needed
  • Clean, set-up or prepare patient rooms or operating theatre's as necessary
  • Complete necessary tasks to keep patients comfortable and in recovery
  • Complete or assist with laboratory testing on patients
  • Monitor basic bodily functions using machines such as those that measure heart rate, oxygen levels, and the kidneys

Skills required

  • Ability to multitask with numerous patients, duties, and responsibilities
  • Ability to perform or assist in laboratory tests for differing diseases and disorders
  • Correct operation of medical machinery for basic and complex procedures
  • People skills to handle patients, family members, and doctoral staff
  • Strong knowledge of the body and body systems to offer assistance to doctors

Working conditions

Most Medical Technicians will find themselves in hospital settings, but they can also be found working for home health care, private doctors, or other health care providing offices. Hours will vary as medical technicians are needed twenty-four hours a day to keep up with patient needs. It is also likely that weekends and holidays will be included in the working hours.

Professional associations / Industry information

ACT Government Health 

Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) 

Department of Health (NT) 

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) 

NSW Health 

QLD Health 

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