Naturopaths use a range of holistic remedies to treat their clients by addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual circumstances. Treatments include herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals and individualised diet plans.

Duties and tasks

  • Conduct follow up appointments, monitor patient progress and make changes to individual programs as necessary
  • Create individualised treatment plans including nutrition programs
  • Perform an initial consultation with clients to examine current state of health and lifestyle
  • Provide other advice to clients regarding eating habits and lifestyle
  • Recommend suitable herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals
  • Take phone calls, book appointments, invoice clients and maintain up-to-date records
  • Use iridology to analyse the bodies organs by studying the iris (coloured part of the eye)
  • Skills required
  • A Genuine Interest in Helping Others Achieve Good Health
  • Attention to Detail and Good Judgement
  • Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Responsible and Reliable
  • Sensitive and Caring Attitude

Working conditions

Naturopaths work in a variety of settings such as health-food stores, pharmacies and private practice. Many also work from home. They may work irregular hours including evenings and weekends to suit a clients availability.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Homeopathic Association 

Australian Natural Therapist Association 

Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association 

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