Government and Defence

The Government and Defence Industry, also considered the public sector, is comprised of a wide variety of professionals, bodies and institutions. The government may hire professionals in relevant disciplines to work in government-funded and operated schools, hospitals, community centres, legal offices as well as centralised government offices. It is also common now for the government to contract private companies or not-for-profits to administer services to the public under funding by the government, also referred to as outsourcing.

The Defence Industry includes government establishments and commercial companies engaged in researching and developing military equipment and defence systems and controls. Many military or defence contractors work closely with governments to create products and services on their behalf. They may provide technical support, logistics, training as well as military weapons, aircrafts, vehicles and intelligence systems. Careers in the defence industry may lead from military service backgrounds and relevant engineering degrees.

There are many administrative and public policy positions within the government sector fulfilling various roles. Different levels of government are responsible for hiring and administering services and programs at the city/ local, state and federal levels. Professionals from virtually every other career field may also seek positions in government funded institutions.

Individuals interested in a career specifically in government are usually interested in political science, public administration and policy. They are typically focused on big picture issues, taking into consideration the policies and effects of policies on the economy, social factors and environment. Individuals wanting to promote and implement change in the society may be attracted to government positions. Careers in the government and defence industry are typically stable and offer respectable salary and benefits. Most work schedules Mondays to Fridays, except in institutions needing to serve the public all days of the week.

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Careers in Government and defence

Business Analysts (ICT)

Business Analysts (ICT) conduct in-depth analysis on their clients business needs and make recommendations and plans for cost-effective system and software solutions.

Environmental Health Professionals

Environmental Health Professionals perform a variety of tasks related to occupational and environmental health. They may develop and implement policies to monitor and improve environmental health and safety, or they may take a more legislative tack and work on developing wide-ranging environmental and occupational health policies. These professionals can also be found in a human resources capacity, assisting individuals who have been injured on the job.

Garbage Collectors

Garbage Collectors are also known as recycling and rubbish collectors. These professionals collect, recycle, and dispose of household, commercial, and industrial waste.

Health Information Managers

Health Information Managers develop, manage and maintain files, records and information processing systems and databases for health care facilities. They must have strong organisational and implementation abilities and train others in how to operate and maintain information systems.

Inspectors and Regulatory Officers

Inspectors and Regulatory Officers inspect and enforce standards and regulations set forth by governments and companies. They should be well-organised and thorough in their analyses and reporting.

Intelligence and Policy Analysts

Intelligence and Policy Analysts gather, investigate and interpret information for intelligence and analyse policies and their effects to direct government and organisations programs and operations. They offer strategic intelligence and policy and planning advice for organisations and should have excellent analytical abilities and an understanding of organisational policies and objectives.

Managers (Policy and Planning)

Policy and Planning Managers research, plan and direct strategic policy and planning advice for organisations. They should have a superior understanding of organisational needs, relevant legislative materials and long-term plans for the organisation.

Organisation Analysts

Organisation Analysts assist organisations in operating more efficiently and effectively. They conduct studies and evaluations, develop procedures and design systems.

Planners (Urban and Regional)

Urban and Regional Planners create and enact plans and policies for the controlled use of rural and urban lands. These plans are used to accommodate a growing population, revitalize declining counties, cities, etc. or create new communities. Urban and regional planners also advise others on environmental, economic, and social factors that affect land use.

Police Officer

Police Officers work to serve and protect their communities and cooperate with these communities to protect the public, maintain law and order, keep people feeling safe, prevent crime, and protect specific members of the public and their properties. They improve the life for all citizens using various technologies to protect them, to identify criminals, and to ensure those who break the law are prosecuted successfully.

Policy Analysts

Policy Analysts analyse policies and their effects to direct government and organisation programs and operations. They offer strategic policy and planning advice for organisations and should have excellent analytical abilities and an understanding of organisational policies and objectives.

Policy and Planning Managers

Policy and Planning Managers research, plan and direct strategic policy and planning advice for organisations. They should have a superior understanding of organisational needs, relevant legislative materials and long-term plans for the organisation.

Postal Delivery Officers

Postal Delivery Officers deliver mail, subscriptions and packages sent through the postal service to the proper recipient addresses. They should be ethical and cautious of mail fraud or anyone tampering with the mail. They typically deliver mail and packages according to scheduled routes and drop-off points.

Prison Officers

Prison Officers are responsible for the supervision, training, security, and rehabilitation of prisoners as committed by the court system. They must be able to establish positive relationship with prisoners and possess a large amount of empathy/understanding while also holding a position of power. Prison officers must often make quick decisions and deal with unexpected situations.

Records Managers

Records Managers are sometimes grouped in with archivists and curators. In their job capacity, they typically access and maintain records, files, historical documents, and other information. This information may be preserved physically or virtually, on a computer.

Regulatory Officers

Regulatory Officers work with industries to ensure corporate and governmental regulations are being followed. They inspect the operations of businesses and report infractions as necessary.

Security Officers and Guards

Security Officers and Guards ensure that organisations and individuals are secure. Their job is to monitor buildings and individuals to prevent crime. Investigating situations for clients and preparing evidence for court can also be part of the job. Security Officers and Guards will apprehend suspects and report what they see to the police.

Store Detectives

Store Detectives, also referred to as Security Officers or Security Guards, guard, monitor or patrol buildings, stores or other such premises. Store Detectives are to provide security by preventing violence, theft, or violation of rules.

Urban and Regional Planners

Urban and Regional Planners design and implement plans and advice for urban and rural land use. They provide information for environmental, economic and social factors affecting land development. They must have knowledge of spatial areas and uses as well construction factors influencing layout and design.

Professional associations and industry bodies

Aircraft Electronics Association

Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA)

Australian Defence Association 

Australian Industry & Defence Network

Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association 

Consult Australia 

Engineers Australia

Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers

Institute of Public Administration Australia

Society of Automotive Engineers

Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute

Skills and personality

  • Analytical and advanced skills developing defence machinery, weapons and equipment
  • Effective organisational, coordination and administration abilities
  • Enjoy supporting government policies and activities
  • Highly professional in appearance to portray a positive image to the public
  • Problem solving capabilities and understanding of government aims and objectives with programs
  • Proficiency in computer information systems and office equipment
  • Research skills to assist in research and monitoring activities requested by governing bodies
  • Strong communication skills to work well with customers, clients and general inquiries from the public
  • Strong observational and analytical skills evaluating the effect of policies and government practices
  • Thorough attention to detail and understanding requests for information or tasks