Music Teacher (Private)

Private Music Teachers work one-on-one or in classrooms to teach students music. They work in private establishments as opposed to public or private schools. They instruct students in the practice, theory, and performance of instrumental and vocal music.

Duties and tasks

  • Arranging for field trips to concerts, operas, recitals, etc to give students an exposure to the professional music world
  • Arranging for public concerts or recitals as required
  • Instructing students on the theory and performance of music
  • Leading students in rehearsals, practice, and performance of music
  • Participating in professional development activities like conferences and seminars to stay current with trends and developments
  • Planning a curriculum for classroom settings of students
  • Speaking with individual students to determine personalized courses of study

Skills required

  • Ability to perceive when others are in need of help
  • Active listening
  • Approachable manner
  • Musical ability
  • Public speaking

Working conditions

Unlike music teachers in schools, Private Music Teachers work in stand-alone musical or artistic facilities. They are hired to teach instrumental or vocal music to students outside of a traditional academic setting. They may work one-on-one with students or teach a larger group or classroom.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Music Association 

Australian Society for Music Education 

Australian Teacher Education Association 

The Music Teachers Association of NSW 

The Music Teachers Association of South Australia Inc 

WA Music Teachers Association 

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