Education Aide

The term "Education Aides" is a sort of catch-all for various individuals who provide non-teaching support for students and teachers in schools. They may work as a teachers assistant in the classroom or they may facilitate extra-curricular activities for students. Education Aides can also provide specialised assistance for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Maori students or students who have special needs.

Duties and tasks

  • Acting as liaison for students with special needs and the families of those students
  • Facilitating activities, academic and non-academic, for students
  • Providing support in academic and non-academic fields (such as counseling, administrative tasks, etc.)
  • Supervising students left in their care
  • Tutoring or providing other academic support for students
  • Working with teachers or administrators to facilitate students growth and development

Skills required

  • Ability to comprehend why individuals act in the manner that they do
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to mediate conflict
  • High intellectual capability
  • Listen carefully to students needs and desires
  • Oral and written communication skills

Working conditions

Education Aides typically work in schools, both public and private. They may also work in other educational facilities, like day-care facilities, childcare centres or in universities.

Professional associations / Industry information

Department for Education and Child Development (SA) 

Department for Education and Early Child Development (VIC) 

Department of Education (WA) 

Early Childhood Australia 

New South Wales Government Department of Education and Training (NSW) 

Related jobs and job titles

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  • Educational Worker
  • Primary Teacher
  • Public Education Officer 
  • Special Care Worker 
  • Youth Worker
  • Teaching Assistant