Plasterers perform a variety of tasks associated with installing and repairing plaster, cement and other materials to interiors and surfaces of buildings. They should be familiar with material types and substances and perform quality work for clients.

Duties and tasks

  • Install insulating, fireproofing and acoustic materials and finish by binding them with plaster materials
  • Install pre-fixed panel mouldings or fittings and add decorative qualities to finishing coats of plaster
  • Measure and cut plasterboard, positioning panels and attaching them to walls, ceilings and panels
  • Mix plaster and cement and apply coats to walls and ceilings using different tools and equipment
  • Plan layout of plasterboard and install insulation and barriers as well as corner sections
  • Transport materials to and from work sites and safely operate a variety of tools and equipment
  • Use wet plaster and sealants to cover intersections and nail holes and smooth out rough areas; and straighten and level angles, walls and corners and ceiling surfaces

Skills required

  • Attention to Detail
  • Organisational Skills
  • Physical Labour
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Time Man

Working conditions

Plasterers typically work Mondays to Fridays or when a job is scheduled. They may work as contractors and work according to projects they are hired for. Plasterers are required to perform physical labour installing fixtures and applying plater and cement materials. They are required to travel to on-site working locations.

Professional associations / Industry information

Master Builders Australia 

The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Australia and New Zealand 

The Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council 

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