Labourer (Paving and Surfacing)

Paving and Surfacing Labourer's prepare, pave and finish laying materials to pave surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, parking lots, runways, etc. They are required to perform physical labour and be outdoors for long periods of time. They should be able to work effectively while directing traffic and being aware of their surroundings.

Duties and tasks

  • Adhere to safety standards and set up safety signs and structures for general public
  • Manoeuvre trucks and other paving machines to release materials onto surfaces
  • Manually spread asphalt mix and rake mix to ensure that entire surface is covered and evenly spread
  • Mix asphalt, lay tar and road oils to spread over surfaces to help bond bases with asphalt and smooth out surface to prepare for base
  • Prepare surfaces prior to paving them by sweeping and clearing ground
  • Repair damaged road surfaces using a variety of hand and power tools
  • Transport equipment to and from work sites, prep areas and perform cleaning tasks upon completion

Skills required

  • Communication Skills
  • Organisation Skills
  • Physical Fitness
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Paving and Surfacing Labourer's typically work varied schedules according to road repairs and scheduled paving times. They may need to work late evening or early morning hours if paving or surfacing is needed on highly populated roads or areas. They are required to perform manual labour and should be able to withstand hot and sometimes uncomfortable working conditions.

Professional associations / Industry information

Master Builders Australia 

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) The AIB is the leading institute for building and construction professionals 

The Housing Industry Association 

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