Floor Finisher

Floor Finishers measure, cut, install, and finish floors in residential and commercial buildings. Floors can be finished in a variety of natural and synthetic materials, therefore finishers must have a strong knowledge of material types, their uses, and be able to follow measurements to complete order specifications.

Duties and tasks

  • Install underlay materials
  • Lay floor coverings according to their type and any pattern specified on the plans
  • Measure floors and determine material amounts; cut materials with tools
  • Prepare surfaces for installation; this may include removing old flooring
  • Sand and apply finishes, such as stains and sealants, to floors
  • Secure flooring using adhesives, tacks, and other materials required
  • Trim edges and cut around fixtures to ensure a proper fit

Skills required

  • Ability to follow Safety Standards
  • Fit and Able to Perform Physical and Repetitive Tasks
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Strong Hand-eye Coordination and Manual Agility
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Floor Finishers work indoors in residential and commercial buildings. The various tasks workers must perform require them to use tools, equipment, and machinery in a safe and efficient manner. Because of constant kneeling, bending, and lifting, risk of injury in this career is higher. They may work full time or part time in a general Monday through Friday work week.

Professional associations / Industry information

Housing Industry Association 

Manufacturing Skills Australia 

Master Builders Australia 

The Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) 

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