Personal Care Consultant

Personal Care Consultants (also referred to as Health Care Consultants) have many job duties in accordance with their particular positions. The overall goal of a personal care consultant is to improve hospitals and health care organisations overall care and business performance. They do this by offering suggestions on methods to improve these practices.

Duties and tasks

  • Discuss any changes that should be implemented with these clients
  • Do primary research and examine data surrounding these issues
  • Identify problems/issues healthcare businesses are encountering
  • Submit written reports to healthcare clients
  • Work to resolve issues like improving work efficiency, earning more revenue, etc.

Skills required

  • Ability to act responsibly and handle pressure/stress
  • Exact education requirements are dependent on the employer, but the minimum is typically a bachelors degree in business, human resources, etc.
  • Most employers prefer a Masters Degree, especially in private industries
  • Must be able to work efficiently under ones own supervision and be self-motivated
  • Must possess excellent written and spoken communication skills

Working conditions

Most Personal Care Consultants are hired on a part-time basis, but some are hired as full-time employees, depending on the size of the healthcare facility/company. Personal care consultants may develop their own client base or work with healthcare firms. Full-time employees work typical 35-40 hour work weeks.

Professional associations / Industry information

Health Information Management Association of Australia 

Public Health Association of Australia 

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