Diversional Therapist

Diversional Therapists, also known as Recreational Therapists, use recreation and leisure programs to help people enjoy life in good health. Diversional Therapists work with clients of all ages and abilities. Through programs and support activities, Diversional Therapists improve clients’ physical and psychological wellbeing.

Duties and tasks

  • Planning and running leisure and recreation activities including outings and general exercise.
  • Evaluating clients’ needs and assessing their abilities.
  • Knowing community leisure and recreation resources and facilities.
  • Assisting with training and supervising volunteers and staff.

Skills required

  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Reading comprehension

Working conditions

Diversional Therapists work in many parts of Australia, mostly in health care and the social assistance industry.

Professional associations and industry information

Diversional Therapy Australia 

Related jobs and job titles

  • Activities Coordinator
  • Activities Officer