Sports Centre Manager

Sports Centre Managers organise and manage fitness and sports centres. In this capacity, they may be taxed to oversee how facilities are used and organise activities. Additionally, sports centre managers need to make sure that all aspects of their facilities are in working order and that their facility functions at optimal levels.

Duties and tasks

  • Making certain that facilities are well maintained
  • Observing and maintaining safety standards
  • Planning different activities at a sports centre including amusement related activities
  • Promoting the facility in order to generate new business
  • Scheduling games
  • Training and supervising staff

Skills required

  • Ability to get others to take action and see things from a different point of view
  • Ability to solve differences and unite people
  • Accurately conveying details to other individuals
  • Awareness of others and ability to understand of their actions
  • Fully participating in the listening process and comprehending various points being made

Working conditions

Sports Centre Managers can work managing a wide range of different kinds of facilities including those that are fitness, sports and amusement related. Thus the types of work may differ, but working conditions will be similar in many ways ? most will work largely indoors, overseeing staff and potentially interacting with the public.

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