Presenters, also called hosts (or occasionally hostess when the presenter is female) are responsible for running and being the "face" of a public event. Presenters work at universities, museums, host concerts, award shows, or, in broadcast media, is the person who narrates, hosts, or takes the main role in leading a radio or television programme.

Duties and tasks

  • Communicate and liaise with other production and technical team members
  • Introducing and hosting programmes
  • Keep programme running on schedule, respond quickly and positively to any issues that may arise
  • May interview guests by telephone, on location, or in the production studio
  • Research topics and corresponding background information for stories/information to be included in the programme
  • Writing and sometimes memorizing scripts, or reading them from a teleprompter, improvising when necessary

Skills required

  • A bright and warm personality that audiences relate to
  • Ability to take and respond to criticism well
  • Comfortable meeting deadlines, even under pressure
  • Excellent stage/radio/voice presence
  • Incredible communication/interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of how to successfully engage an audience

Working conditions

Presenters work in a variety of different industries, from radio to television to events promotion companies, etc. Their work conditions really depend on the organization for which they are employed, but they often involve long hours, stressful deadlines, pressure to be well-dressed/physically appealing. They are often paid fairly well depending on the position, and hours can vary greatly, sometimes being centered around specific events/programmes.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance 

The Creative Industry Skills Council 

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