Media Producer

Media Producers oversee, design, and implement media projects. They work on strict schedules and may be responsible for keeping a media/film crew on our under a certain budget and on schedule. Sometimes, media producers have creative input as well.

Duties and tasks

  • May be required to find casting directors, locations, and other crew members to assist with the production
  • Oversee the schedule and budget of a media project
  • Review final versions of the project and request edits where necessary
  • Work in partnership with the director to ensure that the creative vision of the project comes across on-screen
  • Work with pre-production to develop ideas surrounding the media production

Skills required

  • Ability to cope with stressful situations/tight timelines/low budgets
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to collaborate with directors/crew members
  • Excellent scheduling and budgeting skills
  • Management skills
  • No formal education is required, but education and formal training in the media industry is preferred

Working conditions

Some Media Producers do freelance work (or pickup projects as they can), but others are employed full-time. Hours can be long, but media producers sometimes have the ability to set their own schedules within reason. They work in the following industries: broadcasting, film, televisions, and commercials. Media producers may work under tight deadlines and high amounts of stress.

Professional associations / Industry information

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

The Creative Industry Skills Council

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