Hairdressers provide clients with beauty services by styling, cutting, straightening, and treating hair with solutions. They listen to new clients preferences and specifications, or refer to the past styling preferences of their repeat clients; they then select and perform treatments and services. Hairdressers must have an aptitude for colour and design, and an extensive knowledge of the chemicals and procedures used in colouring, straightening, and permanents. They require good communication and organisational skills, as well as an aesthetic sense for styling hair.

Duties and tasks

  • Be able to make appointments while at the same time work with clients
  • Maintain a regular clientele and keep accurate records of scheduled appointments and services performed
  • Use interpersonal skills to understand and interpret specifications from clients
  • Use tools, chemicals, and equipment to treat, cut, colour, and/or style hair
  • Work outside of the salon for events and special occasions

Skills required

  • Attention to detail
  • Colour and design
  • Customer service
  • Knowledge of Hair Care
  • Organisational skills

Working conditions

Hairdressers can work from home or in a salon environment, depending on their employment. They may also travel to various locations for celebrations, special occasions, and other events when requested to work on-site. Because of the chemicals used in this profession, hairdressers must use gloves and mix solutions in a well-ventilated area to reduce their risk of injury and illness. They must also take precautions against repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to a Monday through Friday work week, hairdressers can work weekends and holidays.

Professional associations / Industry information

Advanced Association of Beauty Therapists 

Hair & Beauty Australia 

Hair and Beauty Industry Association 

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