Director of Film Television Radio and Stage

Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors control the overall production of radio, film, television and stage creations. They work with artistic and digital effects, as well as content to create quality productions.

Duties and tasks

  • Direct cast and crew; collaborate with production team to determine lighting and stage effects, camera angles and programme
  • Experiment with angles, lighting and actors to develop artistic qualities and theme of the overall film or television production
  • Plan script, programme, content and interview questions for special guests on radio productions
  • Read and interpret scripts to create character development, scene shots, tone and background; visualise intent of overall production and be able to work with individual
  • features to create desired performance or production
  • Review recorded programme or scenes to assess if captured footage correlates to overall effect of the film or television show and if scenes need to be shot again
  • Stage actors, background, set, cues and lighting in stage productions, working with all specialised production teams to craft overall performance
  • Work with a variety of camera, lighting, special effects, actors, editors and production teams to set up and determine technical aspects of film and television shots; oversee and collaborate with editing post-production

Skills required

  • Creativity and Artistic Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors work varied and often inconsistent hours. They typically work long hours while production or rehearsing is in session and often must travel to studio or film and television locations. If production travels they may be required to be away for weeks to months at a time. Directors work on-set directly working with cast and crew as well as in pre and post-production rooms.

Professional associations / Industry information

Creative Industry Skills Council 
The Creative Industry Skills Council is the lead industry body providing high-level strategic vocational education and training advice to ensure future skills development and enhanced workforce capacity in the creative industries.

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

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