Author and Book and Script Editor

Authors, and Book and Script Editors write literary or factual works, and edit books and scripts for publication or production. They should have excellent reading, writing and editing abilities and be able to evaluate works and understand public demand for works at particular times.

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse scripts for content, originality and effectiveness, recommending scripts that have potential to producers
  • Design plot, characters and features of literary works and productions, conducting research on subject material
  • Edit and evaluate a variety of texts including film, television, and stage scripts, novel drafts, informational works and historical pieces
  • Edit and evaluate scripts and ideas for a variety of productions including film, television and stage
  • Establish publication contract, negotiating terms, royalties, schedule for publication and initial number of copies to print
  • Provide analysis of works to publishers and recommend material for publication
  • Writing and originating a variety of fiction novels, scripts and informational works for an intended audience or purpose

Skills required

  • Analytical
  • Creativity and Artistic Abilities
  • Critical Thinking
  • Excellent Reading and Writing Skills
  • Organisational and Time Management Skills

Working conditions

Authors typically work individualised hours based on the script or publication they are working on and deadlines. Book and Script Editors typically work Mondays to Fridays but may need to work evenings or weekends to review and edit large quantities of material. They should be flexible in their work hours and manage their time effectively.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Society of Authors

Australian Writers Guild

The Australian Publishers Association (APA)

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd)

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