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Artistic Director Media Producer and Presenter

Artistic Directors, Media Producers & Presenters perform a variety of tasks directing and producing media, activities and performances as well as introducing shows and performers. They should have creative and artistic abilities.

Duties and tasks

  • Administer and approve budget and specifications for production
  • Develop and coordinate artistic programmes and policies for organisations
  • Manage and appoint artistic staff as well as media directors, editors and other key support
  • Manage the use of facilities and equipment such as studios, editing rooms, rehearsal time, etc.
  • Plan and oversee production schedules and operations and production policies and regulations
  • Present speakers, celebrities, news stories and introduce stories and topics in media, broadcastings or live shows and performances
  • Produce media and artistic works, managing production schedule and working with various other professionals to fabricate quality and anticipated finished production

Skills required

  • Creative and Artistic Abilities
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Artistic Directors, Media Producers & Presenters typically work varied hours based on production times, performances and preparation and editing stages. They typically work long hours during filming schedules and to finish productions.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

The Creative Industry Skills Council

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