Arts and recreation

Take the lead role in artistic productions, exhibitions and recreational activities. This industry works to benefit the public with art and enjoyable activities for pleasure or health.

Arts and recreation encompasses a wide variety of activities and careers. Some careers require higher education and knowledge of particular material, while others don't require formal education as much as specific skill sets or talents. Arts and recreation is a lucrative and artistic industry, however unfortunately it is often heavily affected by the status of the economy and the level of disposable income of the population.

Arts and recreation professionals plan, organise and direct activities in the performing arts, such as dance instruction, drama and opera. They may also teach or facilitate arts and crafts, sports activities, museum or art exhibitions, camping and leisure activities. Some work for city or private parks, coordinating and managing activities and maintaining facilities and services. They work in a variety of environments such as parks, summer camps, playgrounds, sports and aquatics centres, museums, dance studios and theatres. They may also work for governmental organisations or city councils organising community events and productions. Recreational therapists plan and organise activities to benefit individuals recovering or coping with illness, injury or disabilities.

Arts and recreation careers include a large number of seasonal or temporary positions, making this a competitive and sometimes unstable field. Individuals in the profession should enjoy the arts and working with people. They should also be creative, artistic and enjoy coordinating activities.

Professional associations and industry bodies

Arts and Recreation Services Industry

Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association

Council for the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Department of Planning and Community Development

Department of Sport and Recreation (Northern Territory)

Department of the Arts, Sport and Recreation (New South Wales)

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Museums Australia

Skills and personality

  • Ability to plan and coordinate people, equipment and activities
  • Creativity and artistic abilities to perform and/or instruct activities
  • Effective coordination and organisation capabilities
  • Enjoy recreational and sports activities as well as the outdoors
  • Enjoy working with people, including children for specific activities
  • Event planning skills
  • Leadership skills directing activities and events
  • Performance abilities acting, singing and dancing for an audience
  • Problem solving capabilities while administering activities and performances
  • Public speaking and communication skills working directly with the public