Timber and Wood Process Worker

Timber and Wood Process Workers work with trees, wood, and lumber in the various stages and production of daily products. This career can involve numerous aspects of the industry including lumberjacks, timber yard workers, saw mill operators, and pulp mill workers.

Duties and tasks

  • Cut down timber as designated in a particular area
  • Follow safety rules and regulations to complete jobs in a safe manner
  • Measuring and cutting materials to specification as needed
  • Operate large machinery used to move logs and downed trees
  • Run machinery necessary to create needed products (saws, sawmills, manufacturing machinery)

Skills required

  • Ability to keep small tools clean and in working order
  • Ability to safely clear blockages or fix issues related to machinery
  • Knowledge of basic construction skills are necessary (sawing, measuring, stacking)
  • Loading, crating, packing, and shipping sorted materials to the final destination
  • Operation of large machinery such as loaders, bulldozers, and saw mills

Working conditions

Timber and Wood Process Workers are highly likely to work outdoors. As timber is often in demand the need to work long hours, weekends, and holidays may be necessary. Unless a deadline is to be met, it is unlikely that timer workers will work at night as it is not safe. Weather will provide some hindrance to timber workers as excessively wet timber may be unusable.

Professional associations / Industry information

ForestWorks ForestWorks is the Industry Skills Council for the forest, wood, paper and timber products industry

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