Technician (Agricultural)

Agricultural Technicians are associated with the agricultural community and may work with agricultural scientists or those in related fields such as farmers or parks and recreational services. These individuals should have a passion for the environment and the effects that farming or other activities can have on the land.

Duties and tasks

  • Assessing or identifying known and unknown threats to livestock or crops
  • Examining existing or proposed farmland to determine usefulness or deficiencies
  • Offering advice to farmers on the use of products including fertilizers, pesticides, or vaccines for animals
  • Performing or assisting in research based in agricultural areas
  • Working with other to plan for harvesting or slaughtering as needed

Skills required

  • Ability to analyse simple and complex aspects of research or gathered data to come to logical conclusions
  • Ability to identify pathogens, parasites, and micro-organisms that are potentially harmful to crops or animals
  • Communication skills in interacting with farmers, researchers, and other interested in agricultural processes
  • Identify a large number of plant and animal species
  • Work outdoors in varying weather conditions

Working conditions

Agricultural Technicians are likely to work outdoors in all types of weather. As much of the time is spent outdoors with animals or plant life, work is likely to occur during daylight hours, but may be long and include weekends and holidays.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology

Related jobs and job titles

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  • Farm Manager
  • Farmer
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