Gardeners are responsible for planning, planting, cultivating, and maintaining landscapes, lawns, gardens, parks, and other open spaces. They also do necessary monitoring and maintenance work, such as inspecting and treating trees for disease, mowing, cutting, and watering grass, and replanting uprooted flora.

Duties and tasks

  • Performing needed maintenance work such as weeding, fertilising, pruning and cutting
  • Planning and designing complex arboreal systems and gardens
  • Planting seeds, bulbs, flowers, shrubs, and trees
  • Preparing land for cultivation
  • Treating plants to avoid and control insect infestation and disease

Skills required

  • Ability to monitor living organisms and decide on appropriate courses of action
  • Active listening skills
  • Keen spatial awareness
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Use of critical thinking, reasoning, and logic

Working conditions

Gardeners typically work in outdoor locations, such as lawns, parks, or gardens, though occasionally they may work inside greenhouses or other climate-controlled facilities.

Professional associations / Industry information

Nursery and Garden Industry Australia 

The Landscape Contractors Association of NSW and ACT 

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