Animal Attendant and Trainer

Animal Attendants and Trainers care and train for animals. Examples of daily duties include grooming, exercising, cleaning and treating injuries. Animal trainers will build up a strong rapport with the animal and accustom the animal to perform as commanded.

Duties and tasks

  • Clean and maintain the animals sleeping conditions and play areas.
  • Develop specific training programs
  • Evaluate animals to determine temperament, skills and overall abilities
  • Feed, exercise and provide a high level of care for the animal
  • Maintain documents and information on the animals diet, medical history and behaviour
  • Observe the animals physical condition and administer medications/care to the animal
  • Train animals to obey commands and follow instructions (Sit, stand, run, walk, jump etc.)

Skills required

  • Fit and Active
  • Love and Passion for Working with Animals
  • Patient and Persistent Personality
  • Reliability and Responsibility
  • Training & Mentoring

Working conditions

Animal Attendants and Trainers may have to work in both indoor and outdoor settings. This can include working at veterinary hospitals, pet shops, zoos, parks, animal shelters, farms etc. Working with animals can often be extremely physical work, and attendants and trainers must be prepared to work long hours side by side with animals.

Professional associations / Industry information

The Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (AAPDT) 

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