Inquiry Clerk

Inquiry Clerks are very important to any business or government agency. They are always busy answering questions on the telephone, by mail, through email and even in person. They can make a great sale by knowing the right information or lose a sale by not knowing how to find the information that a person needs or failing to refer them to others with more detailed knowledge.

Duties and tasks

  • Answer phones
  • Handle complaints and offer ways to rectify the problem
  • Issue informational data to those who need it
  • Keep records regarding questions and problems
  • Refer questions they cannot answer to others with more expertise
  • Respond to questions about services and products available
  • Use computer, intercoms and other office equipment

Skills required

  • Ability to delegate
  • Ability to maintain decorum in tense situations
  • Ability to use computer
  • Good communication skills
  • Good comprehension of the written word
  • Good time management skills
  • Impeccable organisational skills
  • Proper grammar and spelling skills
  • Proper telephone etiquette 

Working conditions

Inquiry Clerks work in offices, both large and small. Most of the offices are heated and air conditioned for the comfort of the employees and visitors. It can be a hectic position as the phones are consistently ringing and people will want answers to their questions poste-haste.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Institute of Office Professionals

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