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Accountants are a vital component of any business, charitable body and government organisation. Accountants have a valuable role within a company or organisation to review and analyse the financial information for various purposes and give advice on business circumstances and strategies. Even in an economic recession, accountants are still an indispensable part of an organisation for auditing purposes, bookkeeping and financial management.

Admin & Office Support

Administration Careers comprise a variety of positions and tasks associated with administering the functions and activities to help companies run smoothly. Careers in administration range from managing the front desk and answering telephonic inquiries to working with the Chief Executive Officer compiling reports and conducting research. Administrators typically perform clerical tasks and should be able to effectively operate computer systems and relevant databases, as well as office equipment.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Industry plays a very important role in the economy and livelihood of the population. There are a wide range of occupations associated with this industry including farmers and farm workers, scientists, auctioneers, logging workers and tree fellers in addition to companies that provide supporting activities. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing produce a variety of food products as well as lumber and paper products.

Arts and recreation

Arts and Recreation encompasses a wide variety of activities and careers associated with artistic productions, exhibitions and recreational activities. Some careers require higher education and knowledge of particular material, while others don't require formal education as much as specific skill sets or talents. Arts and recreation is a lucrative and artistic industry, however unfortunately it is often heavily affected by the status of the economy and the level of disposable income of the population.

Banking and financial services

Banking and Financial Services careers include a variety of banking and money management services such as saving, investing and retirement plans. Careers in banking and financial services range from customer service banking and sales positions, financial advisers and analyst positions. They typically work in commercial banks, mortgage companies, savings and loan establishments and credit unions. Government agencies and companies also require financial services professionals to manage their portfolios and statements and also to audit and regulate other institutions.

Community Service Not-For-Profit

The Community Service or Not-For-Profit field operates a little differently than other industries. Sometimes referred to as the "third sector," this field seeks to provide services, aide, awareness and advocacy to disadvantaged populations, community engagement, environmental problems and many other issues of concern. Many not-for-profit organisations fill a need in the society that the government may not have the capacity to address. Organisations have unique mission statements and objectives for the purpose of their work, but most of them should have a dedication to the well-being and betterment of society and its population.


The Construction Industry is a vital field to any economy and society, which consists of building and assembling infrastructure, homes and buildings. There are numerous careers associated with the construction industry, as there are many separate tasks and specialised work for construction projects. Professionals in the field must work with a variety of stakeholders, including the client, government authorities, planners and designers, and building code and regulation inspectors.

Design and Architecture

The Design & Architecture Industry includes careers associated with the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings and structures. They may design specifically for functional or artistic features according to requests made by clients. They should be aware of the style and methods of designing physical structures and spatial areas. One of the main tasks associated with these occupations lies in factoring all aspects of an areas or buildings location, budget, functional necessities and aesthetic aspirations to create a suitable design.

Education and Training

The Education & Training Industry includes a variety of careers and positions geared toward ensuring that students gain the proper education they need to prepare for their futures. These careers include primary and secondary teachers, day care and preschool instructors, university lecturers and tutors as well as supporting professionals such as guidance counsellors, social workers and school administrators among many others. This industry also includes vocational education and training programmes and adult education.


The Engineering Industry comprises of engineering fields working in the design, manufacture and operation of machines, products, structures and devices. There are many particular fields of engineering, each vitally important to the fabrication and manufacturing of products and services. Engineers apply scientific, economic and practical knowledge to create systems and manufacture chemicals and materials.

Government and Defence

The Government and Defence Industry, also considered the public sector, is comprised of a wide variety of professionals, bodies and institutions. The government may hire professionals in relevant disciplines to work in government-funded and operated schools, hospitals, community centres, legal offices as well as centralised government offices. It is also common now for the government to contract private companies or not-for-profits to administer services to the public under funding by the government, also referred to as outsourcing.

Healthcare Medical and Pharmaceuticals

The Healthcare & Medical Industry is comprised of a large workforce sector and includes a range of occupations and services providing diagnostic, rehabilitation, healing and preventive services. This industry includes the holistic health and wellness of individuals as well as pharmaceutical production and sales. Professionals in the healthcare field typically work in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, surgeries, private practices, laboratories and clinics.

Human Resources

Professionals in the Human Resources Industry perform a valued, central role within businesses and organisations. Human Resource professionals previously focused mainly on administrative tasks in the recruitment and hiring of employees, managing company benefits programs and managing employee relations. However, over the last few decades, Human Resource positions have taken on higher and more significant roles in the shaping of corporate structure, strategies and policies. Due to the growing importance of Human Resource professionals, careers in the field are highly sought after.

Information and Communication Technology

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry is one of the fastest growing and changing fields. Technology is developing rapidly and new devices and systems are constantly being created to provide faster and more efficient methods for information and communication technology. Careers in the ICT field are in high demand and the industry is expected to grow. Professionals in ICT careers may work in commercial service sectors and ICT companies.

Insurance and Superannuation

Insurance and Superannuation is a large and lucrative industry. Insurance is all about risk management. An insurance company offers the insurer, or policyholder, a policy with a guarantee that if certain, unforeseeable events occur, they will compensate the insurer (according to the terms of the policy). In return, the insurer pays a premium to the insurance company to minimise large risks in the future. Risks may include natural disasters, property damage, premature death or chronic illness. Insurance is now perceived as necessary and sometimes even required to have, the insurance industry, therefore, offers many career opportunities.


The Legal field is one of the foundations of society. The law ensures that the rights set out by the government apply to every individual, and it also specifies how rules should be enforced for various crimes. The legal field can help individuals, businesses and corporations understand their rights and the proper conduct and regulations for their activities.


The Manufacturing Industry is a very large and diverse industry that includes a variety of sectors, companies and professionals. Manufacturing is the production of goods or products from raw materials, using machines, tools and bio-chemical modification. Most manufacturing occurs at large-scale industrial production where goods and products such as food and beverage products, electronic equipment, construction and paper products, pharmaceutical materials and parts for vehicles and machinery are produced.

Mining Resources and Energy

The Mining, Resources & Energy Industry includes the research, study, extraction and production of natural resources into energy sources or materials needed in products. The mining, resources and energy industry is extremely vital to the daily life and advancement of society. Unfortunately the industry is dependent on the type of available resources found in particular regions and heavily affected by the global economy.

Real Estate and Property

The Real Estate & Property Industry includes the buying and selling of land as well as renting, leasing and management of properties. The industry deals with residential, commercial, agricultural and rural property. The field offers many career opportunities associated with buying and selling the land, appraising property and financing loans. While the real estate and property industry was heavily affected by the economic recession, professionals can still find worthwhile and gratifying careers in the field.

Retail and Consumer Products

The Retail & Consumer Products Industry is a large industry encompassing many different career opportunities for individuals with higher education qualifications as well as basic training. Retail and consumer products are sold directly to the public and encompass food, furniture, appliances, electronics and household items. There are durable and non-durable retail items which are usually purchased frequently.

Science and Technology

Careers in Science & Technology include roles in research and development for manufacturing industries, research institutions and government branches, as well as monitoring and testing manufacturing processes and products to ensure quality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Science & Technology professionals work for private companies and research institutes to develop new methods of operation, as well as in laboratories testing and processing materials as researchers and technicians for various fields including forensics, artwork and museum artefacts, healthcare lab processing, environmental research and epidemiology. Science & Technology careers also include work in the technology field to research and advance new systems and methods for transmitting technology. Individuals with Science & Technology backgrounds are also sought after in the teaching field.


In the modern age, the Tourism industry makes up a significant part of the economy, directly and indirectly providing employment to numerous individuals. Due to globalisation and modern technology, the world has grown smaller and greater amounts of information are available about places all over the world. With the ease of technology and efficient methods of transportation, tourism has become increasingly popular and appreciated.


The Transport Industry is a large, lucrative industry which transports people, goods and products all over the world. Companies and suppliers transport raw materials, goods and manufactured products in the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective manner. This can be particularly complex when transporting products to different regions in the world.