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Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Describe the product (goods and services) management and innovation context with reference to roles, structures and processes
  2. Independently or collaboratively describe the New Product Development process and develop a related launch program
  3. Critically appraise the economic viability of a new product
  4. Explain the differences and similarities between goods and services
  5. Review various options for the marketing and management of product innovation and management using both theoretical and practical tools.
  • Topics
    • The meaning, importance and function of the product management role in business today
    • The impact of product management practices on the development of goods and services based products
    • The range of concept-generating techniques used for new product and service development
    • The means of evaluating new product and services ideas
    • Preparation of a product/service, a product/service launch plan and its importance as a marketing control tool for new products and services
    • The importance of product positioning within the target marketing process, branding, packaging and the importance of successful working relationships
    • The dimensions and measurements of service quality and customer satisfaction
    • International aspects of product and service management
    • The importance of successful working relations within the organisation, particularly with sales, production, supply and research and development
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The aim of this student is for students to build on the foundational marketing concepts by developing a deeper understanding of the steps involved in the development of new products and services, and the strategies used to manage product and service innovation in order to deliver superior value to customers. To remain competitive, corporations must create superior value to their target market through the development and management of innovative products and services that are perceived to be superior by customers as compared to the competitors’ offerings In this subject students will develop the skills to develop strategies for such value creation.

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  • Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 - Individual (30-40%) (0%)
  • Assignment 3 - Invigilated Exam - Individual (35-55%) (0%)

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