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Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Apply theoretical valuation framework to value financial assets and to prepare written valuation report to stakeholders
  2. Allocate assets in a portfolio to meet investment objectives
  3. Explain portfolio theory, and how it underpins the evaluation of performance of investment portfolios, and the selection process
  4. Describe contemporary issues in the emerging investment markets
  5. Conduct research and work collaboratively.
  • Topics
    • Investments and securities markets
    • Valuation framework
    • Theory on market efficiencies
    • Portfolio theory
    • Investments at the emerging markets
    • Indirect investments and exchange traded funds market
    • Strategies in equity portfolios
    • Behavioural issues in investments and technical analysis
    • Fixed income market
    • Equity derivative instruments
  • Study resources
    • Instructional Methods
      • Blog
      • Disscusion forum/Discussion Board
      • Online Quizzes/Tests
      • Streaming Multimedia
      • Web links

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This subject provides student with knowledge of investment, how to apply cash flow discounting valuation methods to assist decision during the process of marking an investment. Students will be introduced to conventional asset pricing models in finance, Markowitz portfolio theory and how to apply standardised benchmark when assessing and comparing investment portfolio. Other than investing in the equity market, this subject also covers emerging topics in investment markets such as behavioural issue in finance, current trends in investment, and technical analysis.

  • Assignment 1 - Group (20-30%) (0%)
  • Assignment 2 - Individual (20-30%) (0%)
  • Assignment 3 - Individual (40-60%) (0%)

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