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After successfully completing this subject, students will be able to:

  1. Describe and apply foundational managerial concepts and skills in complex business environments
  2. Work together effectively in diverse teams 
  3. Design creative solutions to management problems and advocate for their implementation
  4. Identify and describe how managers monitor the effectiveness of employees, work groups, and organisations.
  • Topics

    • Introductions to organisations and management.
    • The role and functions of managers in complex environments
    • The conceptual, interpersonal and technical skills used by managers to respond to environmental pressures
    • The impact of environment and organisational culture
    • The evolution of management theory in relation to changing contexts
    • Creating value for the organisation and the wider community

Entry Requirements

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Introduction to Management provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills concerning the role and functions of management. These frameworks support a critical analysis of individual or organisational operations and performance in the light of business opportunities and pressures, societal expectations and environmental contingencies. These insights enable students to identify their role as future mangers, and to map their contribution to creating value at both an individual and organisational level. 

  • Assessment — Individual (20-30%)
  • Assignment 1 — Experiential Indiv. (10-20%)
  • Assignment 2 — Experiential Group (10-20%)
  • Invigilated Exam — Individual (40-60%)

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