Subject details

Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the laws (both statutory and common law) which impact on business activity and the finance industry
  2. Critically evaluate and synthesise legal issues in relationships between banks, consumers and regulators
  3. Articulate the legal and ethical responsibilities of participants in the finance industry.
  • Topics
    • Brief introduction to the Australian legal system
    • Introduction to finance law
    • Banking customers
    • Accounts
    • Duties of a banker
    • Cheques (including duties of a customer and negligence)
    • Guarantees and consumer protection
    • Lending on real and personal property (including the torrens system and mortgages)
    • Electronic banking

Entry Requirements


Student must complete 10 subjects prior to enrolling in this subject

Special requirements

No special requirements

The aim of this subject is to enable students to gain an understanding of the laws which impact on the finance industry. Detailed consideration is given to the role of regulators, the banker-customer relationship, cheques and electronic banking. The subject also examines laws relating to the obtaining of finance and securing re-payment.

  • Assignment 1 - Test — Individual (30-40%)
  • Assignment 2 - Invigilated Exam — Individual (60-70%)

Textbooks are subject to change within the academic year. Students are advised to purchase their books no earlier than one to two months before the start of a subject

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