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Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Analyse policy issues, making reference to relevant contemporary economic principles
  2. Demonstrate analytical thinking through discussion and debate relating to the relationships between policy goals
  3. Evaluate proposed policy changes to assess impact with view to identifying potential gainers and losers
  4. Engage confidently and competently in debate about economic policy in society.
  • Topics
    • The nature and goals of policy
    • Unemployment
    • Income distribution
    • Infrastructure, technology and growth
    • Taxation policy
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Entry Requirements

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Students must complete 150 cps (12 subjects) prior to enrolling in this subject.

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Economic Policy in Society the economic concepts of public choice theory, market failure and government failure will be used to analyse the conduct of a range of government polices in Australia. These policy areas will include such things as industry/agricultural policy, utilities regulation, health and welfare policy, taxation and education. In doing so the subject has three broad aims. The first is to help students to understand and appreciate the relevance of economic principles and concepts to the development of policy in Australian society. The second is to assist students to develop their ability to apply economic reasoning to real world policy issues. The third is to encourage students to contribute to the policy process and help shape a better society. 

  • Assignment 1 - Invigilated Exam — Individual (30%-50%) (0%)
  • Assignment 2 - Research Essay — Individual (20%-30%) (0%)
  • Assignment 3 - Assignment — Individual (30%-40%) (0%)

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