Subject details

Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  • Apply and analyse data using multiple regression model;
  • Interpret the results of multiple regression;
  • Identify and explain the concepts of mediation and interaction (moderation) within multiple regression models;
  • Apply and analyse data using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) models;
  • Identify and explain the concept of interaction with ANOVA models;
  • Interpret results of ANOVA models;
  • Write concise reports of analyses.
    • A review of fundamentals
    • Review of Correlation and Simple Linear Regression
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Introduction to Multiple Regression Models
    • Multiple regression
    • Part and partial correlation
    • Presentation of results
    • Testing assumptions for regression
    • Testing for interactions
    • Analysis of Variance Models
    • Introduction to the analysis of variance
    • Single factor independent groups design
    • Completely randomised factorial design
    • Single factor within subjects design
    • Mixed factorial design
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Equivalent subjects

You cannot enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • SWI-STA210

You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

SWI-STA10003-Foundations of Statistics , or SWI-STA102

Special requirements

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    Access to the SPSS standard statistical software v24. Earlier versions of SPSS (from version 20 onwards) are acceptable. Please note: the "Base" Grad Pack is not sufficient to complete this unit.versions of SPSS (from version 20 onwards) are acceptable. Please note: the "Base" Grad Pack is not sufficient to complete this unit.

This subject will introduce students to fundamental statistical areas of research design and linear models. It examines how multiple regression and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) can be used to analyse experimental and observational research using a variety of research designs.

As the subject builds on the skills developed in STA10003 Foundations of Statistics, this prerequisite is strictly enforced.

Please note: assessment values are indicative only, details will be advised at the start of the subject.

  • Assignment (40%)
  • Invigilated Exam (40%)
  • Test — Online topic tests (20%)

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