Subject details

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. Determine the requirements for OHS/WHS Consultation in laboratories
  2. Assist with incident investigation in laboratories
  3. Perform a walk through OHS audit (in a SNET laboratory) and report the results
  4. Determine Emergency Management requirements for laboratories
  5. Assist with OHS/WHS Systems management for laboratories
  6. Perform a walk through OHS audit and determine construction requirements for a laboratory
  7. Determine the requirements for the development, implementation and risk management of field work activities.
    • OHS/WHS Consultation in laboratories
    • Safety requirements and incident management pertaining to working in laboratories
    • OHS/WHS Management systems
    • OHS. SNET Auditing in laboratories
    • Fieldwork activity management and safety

No eligibility requirements

Special requirements

  • EquipmentDetails - A PC or MAC based computer with an optical drive

This unit is run entirely online; the unit is based around undertaking and completing specific activities rather than being content-based. In undertaking this unit your main concern should be the activities that you have to perform and using the online material to help you perform the required tasks. All materials will be available online for this degree..

  • Consult. and Incident Investig (20%)
  • Emergency mgt./WHS systems mgt (20%)
  • Audit of Snet labs (30%)
  • Fieldwork safety assignment (30%)