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As indicated in the approved Program Guide for the Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management), LGM310 mainly focuses on the following capability dimensions:

  1. E-Supply chain design and implementation capabilities
  2. Application of information technology capabilities
  3. System thinking capabilities
  4. Critical analysis problem setting and solving capabilities
  5. Interpersonal and communication capabilities.

The capabilities that are developed through the undergraduate logistics program in which you are enrolled are described in the program guide. It is expected that upon successful completion of the degree you would have further developed these capabilities by gaining the following:

  1. Develop sound understanding of the impact of information technology on business logistics and supply chain management
  2. Demonstrate a high level of understanding of the relationship between business model and supply chain design focusing on the use and sharing of information among business partners
  3. Identify and examine the issues in e-supply chain design and to think in a practical and conceptual way about how these issues can be solved across the whole supply chain
  4. Develop, plan and select the appropriate e-supply chain design for a company based on its business model, overall business strategy, capabilities, and current supply chain configuration
  5. Identify and assess the difficulties and the challenges in implementing an e-supply chain design
  6. Develop a high level of understanding of the available technologies and their limitations
  7. Identify and determine the importance of e-supply chain management in assisting the functional areas of e-business/e-commerce
  8. Generate and exemplify effective interpersonal skills and communication techniques in working as a team to solve real-world problems in e-supply chain management.

In short, successful completion of the degree should promote your thinking conceptually about e-supply chain management and its significance to assist a business entity to achieve its strategic goals.

    • Supply Chains and E-Supply Chains
    • E-Commerce and E-Business
    • E-Logistics Platforms
    • E-Warehousing
    • Integration of Supply Chains into Business
    • Supplier Relationship Management (eSRM)
    • E-Supply Chains Enabling Technologies: RFID
    • Strategic Sourcing and E-Procurement
    • Security and E-Supply Chains
    • Strategy for E-Supply Chains
    • E-Supply Chains Management
    • Future of E-Supply Chains
  • Study resources

    • Online materials

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      • Printable format materials

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This subject was previously known as E Supply Chain Management.

This degree introduces to students the significance of information utilisation and sharing in supply chain management. It aims to show that proper use of real-time information can help reduce inventory, lead time, cycle time, and other wastes in the supply chain thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and responsiveness. The use of information relies heavily on computer hardware and software, particularly information technology developed around the Internet. For e-supply chain management, the underlying technology is basically identical to that for e-commerce. Therefore, the background of e-commerce development and its relationship with supply chain management will be explored in this degree. Similarly, the issues of infrastructure support, security, e-business model, and the guidelines for e-supply chain design and implementation will be addressed and discussed.

As this degree will examine e-supply chain from a management perspective, case studies will be used to illustrate the concept and approach to e-supply chain design and implementation. The focus will mainly be placed on the rationale behind the migration from traditional supply chain to e-supply chain and the approach to implementing e-supply chain using the available technologies.

This degree will enhance your appreciation of supply chain management in the information era, both in theory and in practice. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the underlying technologies and equip you with the necessary knowledge in designing and implementing e-supply chains. You will learn to think systematically not only about e-supply chain configuration and technological requirements but also the need to revise the business model to tie in with the changes.

  • 2 Hour Invigilated Exam (50%)
  • A Business Report (20%)
  • A Business Report (30%)

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