Warning! This unit contains mature content and may not be suitable for some students. Any student under the age of 16 who would like to enrol in this unit must first complete a Parental Consent Form.

Subject details

  1. Demonstrate an understanding and working knowledge of key biological terms
  2. Explain physiological processes in the human body starting at the genetic level and working through the biochemistry, cell and tissue functions to a physical outcome.
  3. Outline the complex interactions between organ systems that result in homeostasis
  4. Apply biological concepts to a range of contemporary issues
  5. Find scientific articles and critically evaluate the design and conclusions of biological experiments
  6. Summarize key findings related to complex biological topics
  7. Make judgments about the validity of statements made about biological processes by academics, journalists, politicians and other commentators
    • Atoms to cells
    • Cells in action
    • Body Bits: Metabolism and Human Organ Systems
    • Getting it Together: The Human Individual
    • Hormones

No eligibility requirements

Special requirements

No special requirements

This unit deals with human biology and the interactions of humans with the rest of the living world. Topics include: human genetics, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, and evolution. Attention is paid to topics of current interest, such as emerging diseases, DNA technology, genetic engineering, cloning, and the impact of human activities on biodiversity and the biosphere. The unit is designed for students with no background in biology, however students whose area of study is biology are also encouraged to attend.

  • 200 word statement (2%)
  • reference list (8%)
  • 2000 word essay (25%)
  • Invigilated exam (50%)
  • Weekly Quizzes (15%)

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