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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate historical knowledge (personalities, events, periods) and issues (ideologies, philosophies, traditions) according to intellectual, methodological, and/or ethical conventions used in ANE-related studies
  2. evaluate and use textual and archaeological evidence
  3. utilize effectively research methods and tools in dialogue with staff and peers
  4. devise arguments and solve problems in ANE-related studies
  5. conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and/or evaluate historical information about ANE-related studies, gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication
  6. consider and communicate critical and reflective judgements.
    • A week-by-week guide to the topics you will explore in this subject will be provided in your study materials.
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3 credit points AHIX subject at 100 level

Special requirements

No special requirements

Delve into the traditions, myths and history of early Israel, a land situated in the bridge between the great empires of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. Explore what the Bible has to say about these ancient peoples and the light that can be shed on it by both archaeological evidence and modern critical study. Learn how the Hebrews interpreted their present by a re-narration of their past and how they came to situate and differentiate themselves theologically from the peoples that surrounded them. Developing your skills in a close reading and critical analysis of the text, you will be studying early Israel and Judah from the foundation of the nation through the period of the monarchy, to the catastrophic events of the early sixth century BCE.

  • Essay (50%)
  • Paper 1 (25%)
  • Paper 2 (25%)

Textbook information is pending.

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